Why Should I Purchase an American Made Heat Pump?

Swimming pool heat pumps are more of a necessity than a luxury in some parts of the world. Because of the short summer season some countries have, a lot of pool owners look to heat pumps to extend their swimming season for a little while longer. Although American-made heat pumps are the norm in the USA, not so throughout Europe. Even though some non-American units are of superb quality, some important differences exist that you should consider before purchasing a unit made outside of the States. 

Most of American made heat pumps, including AquaCal, have titanium heat exchangers, not cupronickel or copper alloy. This makes them impervious to corrosion and improves durability. As any service tech can attest, units not built using titanium heat exchangers are prone to costly repairs within a few years. To read more about titanium and Cupronickle heat exchangers click here.

Performance Standards
American made heat pumps are tested by AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) standards. Reputable manufacturers participate in this rating program to provide buyers with accurate efficiency ratings. By visiting their website under the “residential” menu, you will be able to search the different options to find the correct unit for your home.

Heat pumps manufactured in other countries do not adhere to these standards, nor are they subjected to this type of test or certification. For this reason, the BTU output rating of foreign-made units is not guaranteed.

Another highlight of the AquaCal line of heat pumps is the wide range of units—from units that heat a spa to units that provide half a million BTU’s for commercial pools. Units are available that operate on either 60 or 50 Hz, and we offer units that operate on different voltages. Reverse cycle, heating and cooling applications are also at your disposal. 

AquaCal Around the Globe
American made products have always been known worldwide for their superior quality and performance. At AquaCal, our teams of multi-lingual international sales managers are ready to prepare a personalized size and cost estimate for your heat pump, regardless of the country or climate in which it will operate. Working with AquaCal’s WorldWide division, you will have one-on-one service to guide you through the purchase and shipping process, thanks to our international professionals and knowledgeable international freight department.

AquaCal offers superior customer service and support from a team dedicated solely to international business. We understand the needs and challenges of international customers, and every team member is CPO certified. We not only help you with purchasing a new unit, but we can also help you get your current unit repaired, and can assist you in resolving other issues with your swimming pool, including water chemistry issues that affect water quality.

 We have discussed just some of the reasons why American-made AquaCal heat pumps have a reputation for being the best in the world.  Check us out and you, too, will see why AquaCal is the first name in heat pumps around the world.

Want more information, or would you like to contact someone that specializes in your specific country? Click here, we would be happy to help you with any questions you may have!


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