How Do I Ship a Swimming Pool Heat Pump Overseas?

Due to our increasing international customer base; we have received plenty of requests from overseas customers asking how they will be able to purchase either an AquaCal SuperQuiet or a TropiCal unit. Our Worldwide division has various distributors located all over the world. We also have a warehouse centrally located in Lyon, France, from where we can distribute all of over Europe and the rest of the world.

What to Look For
When deciding to ship heat pumps overseas, there are a few things to consider: Make sure you have checked the international warranty. Companies like AquaCal post their warranty on the website however some manufacturers may not have this information as readily available, if you would like more information regarding AquaCal’s international warranty please click here.

Electrical Requirements
Make sure you know what you are getting into in the event something goes wrong. Since overseas covers many countries and varieties of installations, electrical requirements, pipe sizes and water chemistry need to be evaluated to assure the unit you are purchasing will be right for the job; is the unit you need 50 Hz? Are you in a cold climate and need a SuperQuiet IceBreaker instead of a heat only heat pump? Would 2 inch piping work with your existing set up? 

Once you have determined what unit is best for you, make sure you have a legal way to get the item shipped. Using a freight forwarding company is a good option. They are familiar with all the paperwork requirements, taxes and restrictions and are well worth the money you will pay them. You will need proof of purchase, they would need to show that you are a licensed company in the country you are operating from, and a copy of that license needs to be sent to our worldwide offices as well as an application to become a new customer.
We at AquaCal, have a dedicated logistics team that would be able to move this move for you, they will take care of arranging shipping and at the same time they will be able to provide you with the lowest freight charges due to the large amount of cargo that is shipped weekly through them.

With over 200,000 customers worldwide, AquaCal has been able to create a robust process to help our customers all over the world. With a centralized warehouse in France, shipping has become easier and faster. It is essential to check your electrical requirements before purchasing your unit, as you can imagine returning the wrong unit to a warehouse or the factory in the US would not be an inexpensive venture.
Finally, we have an outstanding logistics team that works in our worldwide department that will be more than happy to help you arrange the move of your equipment either port to port, airport to airport or door to door, to read more about our worldwide department please click here

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