How Does Shipping Swimming Pool Equipment Internationally with HornerXpress Worldwide Save Me Money?

Located in Ft. Lauderdale FL, HornerXpress Worldwide is the world’s largest independent pool & spa equipment distributor. With customers in more than 90 countries worldwide, we have created a vast distribution network that is designed to not only get your products to you, but to also save you money. Let’s see how the HornerXpress shipping network can work for you.

Bulk Shipments
We have the capability to export from 10 ports on both coasts of the USA. This allows us to consolidate shipments in order to provide you with more value for your shipping dollars. Because of the size and frequency of our freights, we are able to negotiate rates that would not be available otherwise, passing the savings on to you.

Our centralized warehouse in Lyon, France, allows us to store and ship products from a European location. Heat pumps, salt chlorine generators, and liquid solar blankets are just a few of the products we can ship from this location. Our Lyon warehouse reflects our commitment to provide the highest quality pool products throughout Europe and neighboring nations, without prohibitive shipping cost getting in the way.

South America, Central America and Caribbean
From our Ft. Lauderdale warehouse, we are able to make daily shipments to all corners of the world. Because of our location, we can arrange shipments to the Caribbean and Central and South America at considerably competitive rates.

Knowledgeable Staff
HornerXpress Worldwide offers robust and unique multilingual, highly trained freight specialists. Our shipping experts are able to analyze the size, weight, and volume of your shipment in order to determine the most economical shipping method for you. They are also experts in export documentation.

Whether you need a container full of heat pumps, or an O-ring, HornerXpress Woldwide’s international shipping department can arrange it for you. We work with all major carriers, including DHL, Federal Express, UPS, Air, Ocean freight, in order to find the best shipping option for you.

As you can see, HornerXpress Worldwide is not only provides you with thousands of product lines for your swimming pool distribution needs, but with our freight and forwarding services, we can help greatly reduce the cost of shipping internationally. We take care of all the behind the scenes needs so that you don’t have to.

Providing you with outstanding service, top quality products at competitive prices, and affordable shipping rates—it's all in a day’s work at HornerXpress!

We invite you to visit our website, or you can contact our logistics team directly.

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