AquaClean Robotic Pool Cleaner

AquaClean Robotic Cleaner The AquaClean Robotic Cleaner is our private label version of the Bravo from Aquatron.  The Aqua Smart Technology  drives the cleaner to efficiently clean the entire pool every time. Residential pools up to 860 ft2 are thoroughly scrubbed, cleaned and filtered in just 90 minutes. AquaClean Video   AquaClean Information Cleans all surface types Climbs walls and obstacles... Read more

X-Vac Automatic Pool Cleaner

X-Vac Automatic Pool Cleaner Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it with the X-Vac Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner. The X-Vac is the first in a modern line of affordable pool cleaners. Manufactured for both its sturdy build and reliable efficiency, the X-Vac works to remove sand, silt, dirt, debris, bugs, leaves and twigs from swimming pool floor and steps. Guaranteed to make your pool sparkle, this revolutionary innovative cleaner comes with two random cleaning... Read more

Hammer-Head Vac

Hammer-Head Vac Service 21 and Service 30 Models Our service units are designed for pool to pool service route work. The popular Service-21 is now the industry standard for a self-contained cleaner. Instant cleaning means no set-up times, no pumps to prime, and no valves to set. You'll work faster and easier than ever before. Ready to mount on your truck or trailer, the Service-21 can cut your cleaning time as much as 50% and that can mean hours off your day. Also available is... Read more

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