Pentair EasyTouch

Setting the standard for operating simplicity. Pentair EasyTouch systems are available for separate pools and spas, as well as pool/spa combinations with shared equipment. You select from systems that control 4 or 8 accessory functions. All functions are controlled with one-button access from the totally self-contained load center. Optional controllers are available. An Eco Select ™ Choice: By automating and synchronizing equipment scheduling, Pentair EasyTouch ® Control Systems... Read more

Pentair IntelliTouch

Pentair IntelliTouch The truly intelligent pool and spa control system. There is an IntelliTouch system for every application pool, spa, pool and spa combinations and pools with separate spas. With the ability to control from five to forty functions, total backyard automation is achievable. Pentair IntelliTouch also offers you a number of individual and multiple wired and wireless control devices for the ultimate in freedom and flexibility--including optional ScreenLogic... Read more

Pentair SunTouch

Pentair SunTouch Simple and economical automation for heating and filtration. When your pool only has a few functions to automate, SunTouch ® Control System is the perfect solution. With the touch of a few buttons, it will run your pump and heater whenever you want. Plus, you can add some additional features such as lights, an automatic cleaner or a solar heating system. An Eco Select ™ Choice: By automating and synchronizing equipment scheduling, SunTouch ® Control... Read more

Pentair ScreenLogic

Pentair ScreenLogic  Give your customers the latest in user-friendly, multi-functional pool and spa control options, and capture a larger share of the growing pool automation market, you can rely on Pentair IntelliTouch systems with ScreenLogic ® interfaces. No other technology package comes close in terms of ease of installation, ease of operation, options or capabilities. Pentair ScreenLogic Features ScreenLogic® interfaces are compatible with PDA, PC,... Read more

CAT 2000 Automatic Controller

CAT 2000 Automated Controller The CAT 2000 automated controller is the water quality solution for pools, spas, waterparks and a multitude of other water treatment applications world-wide. The powerful microprocessor-based design makes simple science of water chemistry maintenance under even the most challenging conditions. Constantly monitoring pH and sanitizer activity, the CAT 2000 implements chemical dosing in proportion to demand. This proportional feed capability ensures precise... Read more

Rola-Chem Digital ORP-pH Controllers

Rola-Chem Digital ORP-pH Controller System Rola-Chem ORP/pH Digital Controllers are manufactured with quality and precision to ensure durability and accuracy. Digital ORP/pH Controller features digital readouts, built-in out of range safety time outs, ORP technology, pH calibration, redox sensor, acid or base feed, proportional feed, microprocessor logic, dip switch programmable settings, machined acrylic flow cell with flow switch, flow switch included. It is compatible with most... Read more

Eco Flow E Variable Frequency Drive

The Eco-Flow-E® Aquatic Variable Frequency Drive features a variety of user-friendly options at an affordable price. With it's rugged NEMA 12 construction and H2flow Aquatic Controller, Eco-Flow-E® is robust enough to handle the harsh environment of a pool equipment room, while also being simple enough for any user to setup and maintain. By combining functionality, quality, and reliability, the Eco-Flow-E© to provides you with an unparalleled VFD experience! It also offers an... Read more

Eco Flow C Variable Frequency Drive

The Eco-Flow-C® Aquatic Variable Frequency Drive from H2flow is ideal for the hostile environment of a pool equipment room. Its standard rugged NEMA 12 configuration and Aquatic Controller make it a durable and user-friendly solution for even the most unforgiving commercial pool room environments.  By combining functionality, quality, and reliability, the Eco-Flow-C© to provides you with an unparalleled VFD experience! It also offers an array of unique features to ensure... Read more

Pool Warden PH/ORP Controller

The PoolWarden is a water chemistry control system with capabilities to control the pH, sanitizer and temperature on up to two bodies of water at the same time. Using ORP (oxidation reduction potential) technology, the control of sanitizer takes into account the effects of pH and a pH lockout feature is also included for high pH values. Includes for each pool a pH and ORP relay supplying the input voltage when on and 2 auxiliary dry contact relays that can be used to control... Read more

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