Loop-Loc Durable Mesh Swimming Pool Cover

Loop-Loc Durable Safety Swimming Pool Cover Built super-strong and securely anchored into the deck, Loop-Loc Safety Swimming Pool Covers put an unbreakable "lock" on your pool, protecting against accidents. And only Loop-Loc comes with the patented "SAFEDGE AND GAPGUARD" child safety intrusion barriers, closing dangerous gaps created where raised obstructions meet the covers edge, so there's no way children or pets can slip through! Loop-Loc's Safety Swimming Pool Covers utilize the... Read more

Midwest Canvas Solar Pool Covers

Midwest Canvas Solar Pool Covers We sell only high quality solar pool covers. Solar covers can effectively extend your swimming pool season. Utility bills can be significantly reduced when using a Midwest Canvas Solar Pool Cover in conjunction with a heater or heat pump. Midwest Canvas Heavy-Duty Solar Cover The heavy-duty solar cover is made of material that is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays which inhibit deterioration. These solar covers will stop heat loss due to evaporation... Read more

Loop-Loc Spa Cover Protector Cap

Spa Cover Protector Cap Snow, Ice, Leaves, Dirt, Debris, and the Sun can have a damaging effect on hard top spa cover, Loop-Loc's Spa Cover Protector Cap prevents damage and wearing caused by these factors. Loop-Loc's Spa Cover Protector Cap is manufactured using the same high quality polypropylene materials found in their safety pool covers. Elasticized for a snug fit, 12" apron, and polypro loops sewn to cover; lets you securely weave your closure straps through to keep the cover... Read more

FeherGuard Wheels Reel System

FeherGuard Wheels Reel - Solar Cover Reel System Designed to fit most in-ground pools, the Wheels Reel System features large 20" (51 cm) wheels which easily roll over virtually any surface. These specially designed wheels, makes moving the reel system away from the pool effortless. Wheels Reel Features Fits in-ground pools from 6ft 8in to 24ft (2.03m to 7.3m) wide and up to 40ft (12.1m) long Dual end handles - easily wind the solar cover from either side of the pool Large... Read more

FeherGuard Auto Reel System

FeherGuard Auto Reel - Automatic Solar Cover Reel System The Auto Reel is powered by a standard garden hose to automatically reel in your Solar Blanket, quickly and easily. Auto Reel by FeherGuard is built to last with high-grade aluminum tubing, durable polyethylene bases, and wide-track bearings for a smooth and steady operation. Auto Reel Features Water powered - uses less than 8 gallons that goes into your pool Low cost compared to built-in automatic reel systems Easy to... Read more

FeherGuard Commercial Reel System

FeherGuard Commercial Reel - Solar Cover Reel System For Commercial Applications FeherGuard's Commercial Reed Systems are designed to fit pools of various sizes and shapes. Heavy duty aluminum tubes assure that your reel system will handy heavy loads. Commercial Reel Features Various sizes available that offer simple assembly Dual Tube Systems allow coverage on large pools Dual Bearings per frame allow for smooth solar blanket roll up 36” high white frames are made of... Read more

Garrett Safety Pool Covers

Custom built pool safety covers for any size inground pool in fabrics and colors to match your taste and style. Give yourself peace of mind, protect your family and your pool! Garrett's safety pool covers come with the custom fit, strength, materials, and hardware to keep your pool clean while preventing intrusion by children, pets, and stray animals. Since the swimming pool safety cover cannot be removed without the special installation tool, you get secure and dependable protection.... Read more

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