Stegmeier Frontier Desert Deck

Stegmeier Frontier Desert Deck Frontier Desert Deck, when mixed with marble sand and white cement, and applied to concrete produces a durable attractive finish that is ideal for swimming pool decks, patios and other walkways. Desert Deck Information Time Saving- Sub-deck and application are completed in the same day Economical- Fraction of the cost compared to decorative concrete finishes Attractive- 13 available pastel shades. Color Options Coolness- Noticeable cooler than... Read more

Mortex Kool Deck Elite Concrete Pool Deck Surfaces

Mortex Kool Deck Elite Concrete Pool Deck Surfaces Kool Deck Elite is the newest addition to the concrete topping line from Mortex. This elite product shares all the benefits you have come to expect from the genuine Kool Deck surface, like significantly lowering the surface temperature of concrete and being environmentally safe, but with an enhanced formula and the ease of a pre-mixed package that is bucket mixable. Mortex Kool Deck Features Creates a consistent surface -... Read more

Olympic Patio Tones Deck Coatings

Olympic Patio Tones Coating - For Pool & Patio Decks Patio Tones will greatly enhance the beauty of any concrete patio or pool deck. Plain or worn concrete gives a dull and uninteresting appearance, detracting from the ambiance of the area. Patio Tones adds life as well as protection and is excellent for the restoration of sprayed and patterned concrete surfacing systems Patio Tones Features Adds protection - non-slip finish Makes a patio look new again Covers concrete... Read more

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