® Flow Meter & Check Valve">
® Flow Meter & Check Valve">

FlowVis® Flow Meter & Check Valve

FlowVis ® is the most advanced, affordable, and reliable precision flow meter designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains, and water features. But FlowVis ® is more than just a flow meter; it’s also a fully functioning check valve! Ingenious in concept and flawless in operation, FlowVis ® is a revolution in reliable flow measurement. Ending the comment out --> Key Features Installation... ® Flow Meter & Check Valve">Read more

Rola-Chem Flowmeters

Rola-Chem Flowmeters No more clogged Flowmeters! Rola-Chem's flowmeters have a wide chamber that greatly reduces mineral deposits by allowing higher flow volume. They have been designed to be compatible with practically every existing flowmeter, so you can replace your old clogged flowmeters with these accurate, easily serviced units from Rola-Chem. Rola-Chem Flowmeters Benefits Built to withstand water temperatures up to 200degrees F Accurate readings Serviceable... Read more

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