S.R. Smith WaterDek

S.R. Smith WaterDek The WetDek is part of the latest trend in zero-depth interactive water features that can be made into backyard splash parks, elegant fountain displays, poolside attractions or soothing water features designed for the landscaping. WaterDek Information Available in 6, 9, or even 12 jet kits >Water spouts can be adjusted to spray water from a few inches to over 12 feet into the air The AquaDirector (control box) can be controlled by any of the leading... Read more

S.R. Smith AquaDirector

S.R. Smith AquaDirector The AquaDirector can be turned on from any wireless remote such as an EasyTouch or Intellitouch. The AquaDirector can also be attached to a remote activator that will allow the users to start the system from a remote location or by a timer! AquaDirector Information Ideal for residential or commercial applications Can adapt to 4 different voltages from 120, 208, 240 & 277 Control up to 3 zones operated at 24V and operate any 24V valve water feature!... Read more

Oasis Original Waterfall

Next Step Oasis Original Waterfall One of the most popular waterfalls on the market. It creates a beautiful sheet flow effect. Sheet Flow waterfalls naturally narrow as they fall. Oasis Waterfall Information Smooth sheet flow effect Bottom or back feed Custom radius cuts available Virgin PVC >No ABS No re-grind Read more

Oasis Rainforest Waterfall

Next Step Oasis Rainforest Waterfall Oasis Rainfall Waterfall creates a beautiful texture and tranquil, mesmerizing sound Oasis Rainforest Waterfall Information Installs same as original waterfall Soothing rich sounds Unique visual texture Virgin PVC No ABS No re-grind Read more

Oasis Curtain Waterall

Next Step Oasis Curtain Waterfall Oasis Curtain Waterfall creates a chic and stylish effect with a solid sheet of vertically falling water. Oasis Curtain Waterfall Information Contemporary look Unique vertical wall of falling water Virgin PVC No ABS No re-grind Read more

Oasis Arch Waterfall

Next Step Oasis Arch Waterfall Oasis Arch Waterfall creates and elegant arch of falling water. It is also great for giving extra height to areas with low walls or risers. Oasis Arch Waterfall Information Great for decks or non-riser applications Virgin PVC No ABS No re-grinding Read more

Oasis Nova Waterfall

Next Step Oasis Nova Waterfall With the Oasis Nova we have taken our Oasis Original and added Next Step Fiber Optics Lighting, creating a stunning result. The effects of this unique combination of water, light and sound has quickly made the Nova Fall one of our most popular products. Oasis Nova Waterfall Information Lighted waterfall Custom radius cuts available Virgin PVC No ABS No re-grind Read more

Bobé Smooth Flow Series Scuppers

Bobé Smooth Flow Series Scuppers Smooth Flow Series scuppers are our exclusive line that flow a beautiful, glass-like sheet of water. Smooth Flow Series currently come in 3 different models: Smooth Flow, Smooth Flow Radius, and Smooth Flow Column. Click on the links to the left for more information on each model. Sizes range from 6? to 72? depending on model. Custom sizes are available and we can manufacture for extended lip, concave and convex radius walls. Smooth Flow Series Scupper... Read more

Bobé Design Series Scuppers

Bobé Design Series Scuppers The Design Series is our full line of scuppers made to fit all applications and backyard themes. There is a scupper in this series for everyone! Design series scuppers include the following models: Radius, Wedge, U-Shape, Slot, Slant, Monument, Curved, Solid Radius, Cannon, Box and Arc Flow. Design Series Scupper Information Water flow is natural looking See the color palate below for your material and color options Design, design, design-the look... Read more

Bobé Water Pots

Bobé Water Pots Make a statement of style by adding the fresh design of Po Pots to your outdoor decor. Our pots are durable enough to last indefinitely-they will not crack or chip away. With ;so many different options, here are some steps that will make it easier: Choose the Original Lip Po Pot or the Seamless Lip Po Pot Decide if you prefer round or square Select the height of the pot: 7", 12" or 16" tall Select the material or finish you prefer: copper, stainless steel,... Read more

Bobé Water/Fire Pots

Bobé Water Fire Pots Create the ultimate in outdoor appeal by combining two dramatic elements in our specially designed fire/water pots. We have everything you need to complete the look including color glass, fire rings, manual ignition and electronic ignition systems. Bobé Water Fire Pots Information Fire and water are two opposites that look spectacular together. Our po pot with a fire pan brings you these two elements side by side. Water runs off the spillway of the po pot... Read more

Bobé Spillways

Bobé Spillways Spillways have many functions both purposeful and decorative. Customize your spa to pool spillway so water won’t corrode or leave calcium build up on the stone, tile or rock below. If you have scuppers, po pots or fire pots on your pool adding a spillway completes the look. If you have a po pot or wok pot that isn’t made by bobé , you might like an insert to be made for the spillway so the water flows more evenly and doesn’t spill back. Design long troughs or... Read more

Bradford Products Water Features

Bradford Products Water Features Make a dramatic statement for your office or add the look and sound of falling water to your pool or hot tub. Bradford’s team of designers and engineers has developed a wide variety of unique and innovative WaterFeatures, from gentle, cascading WaterFalls and soothing massage showers to stunning WaterWalls and negative edges. Our WaterFeatures are designed using the latest 3D modeling software, ensuring accuracy throughout the design process. We... Read more

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