Solar-Clear - All Natural Water Purifier

Solar-Clear reduces chemical (sanitizer) consumption by up to 80%. It is powered by solar energy and utilizes natural mineral ions to maximize pool water clarity and purity. No plumbing or electrical installation is required. Solar-Clear Features Reduces chlorine use by up to 80%! Solar powered – needs no installation or plumbing! Purifies any pool up to 32,000 gallons! Eco-friendly! Chemical-free! Non-toxic! Also available in blue! Solar-Clear Literature... Read more

Clearwater Enviro ScaleBlaster

Clearwater Enivro ScaleBlaster - Hard Water Treatment ScaleBlaster is a compact, state-of-the art, computerized system that is installed on the incoming waterline of the house or building. This maintenance free product is the ultimate "go-green" alternative to water softeners. ScaleBlaster saves energy and doesn't pollute water with chlorides. This innovative product produces an oscillating electronic field using a unique and complex modulating frequency wave form that changes the... Read more

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