Torque Lock™, the new revolution to structural crack repair. Using Torque Lock™ Staples along with a quality epoxy (supplied with our kits) we can help you repair your concrete cracks, easily repair basement cracks, fracture lines in your foundations, driveways, walls, seawalls, or any other structural crack. Torque Lock™ Staples are applicable to: GUNITE SHOTCRETE CONCRETE POURED BLOCK Read more


Pool Putty Typical Applications: Stop leaks Fill cracks Restore chipped tile No need to drain pools...Cures under water Simple 1-to-1 mix…Cut - Mix - Fix Will not yellow, shrink or sag Download Datasheet Pool Paste Typical Applications: Fix hairline cracks Reset tiles on hot tubs, spas, pools Repair cracked skimmers, baskets Replace non-skid strips Repair broken or cracked vacuum brushes or accessories 15 minute working time High-strength... Read more

Pool Master Vinyl Pool Patch

Vinyl Swimming Pool - Patch Kit "WET" For underwater and dry patching. High strength, fast drying adhesive bonds patch and original vinyl together, No need to drain pool for underwater repairs. Includes dabber applicator and vinyl material. 2 oz. Pool Patch Kit "WET" 30280 4 oz. Pool Patch Kit "WET" 30279 Read more

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