Speck Pumps - Badu Jet Inspiration

Speck Pumps Badu Jet Inspiration

Speck Pumps is raising the bar for pool owners who want to fully utilize and enjoy their investment. We are excited to introduce our revolutionary new over-the-wall swimjet; the BaduJet Inspiration. The Inspiration is perfect for existing in-ground pools as well as new installations and even above ground pools. The system features dual swimjets for optimal swim against the current action, no-impact aquatic exercise, water massage and fun for the entire family. That's not all; in Inspiration also incorporates a multi-color LED light, helpful for use at night or just to give the pool a beautiful glow in the evening.
The BaduJet Inspiration is an attractive, compact design at a price that can't be matched by the competition, actually there is no competition. Increase your profit and your customer's satisfaction by offering them the exciting new BaduJet Inspiration from Speck Pumps.

  • One piece ABS plastic body, to provide an attractively styled water treadmill.
  • Adjustable recessed jet nozzles.
  • Volume control knob adjusts flow of water.
  • Pneumatic on/off button guarantees complete separation between pool water and pump motor control.
  • Multi-color LED light.
  • Control box with GFCI.
  • Speck 4 HP self-priming, plastic pump. UL Listed, single phase with thermal overload (no motor starter required).
  • Massage Hose with pulsate may be attached to jet nozzle.
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