AstroLite II Spa Lighting

AstroLite II Spa Lighting

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Haywards AstroLite II series lights offer you quality, versatility, and ease of use you would expect from Hayward, and does it all at a price that gives you the value you expect. AstroLite II series lights feature machine-polished stainless steel face rims, a choice of halogen lighting, and a wide range of voltages, wattages, and cord lengths. Combined with Hayward’s niches, they make an unparalleled value in lighting systems for all concrete or gunite spas or for pools where a small diameter light is preferred.


  • Snap-on white plastic face plate included which fits over stainless steel face plate
  • Machine polished stainless steel face rim
  • E-Z Lock TM clamp and reflector assembly for simple relamping
  • When used with Hayward’s plastic or new stainless steel niches, provides extra space for easy coiling and storage of the relamping cord length
  • Blue and red colored lens kit included, offering even greater value
  • 12 Volt, 75 Watt Halogen
  • 120 Volt, 100 Watt Halogen or 250 Watt Halogen
  • 100% tested for safety and quality assurance
  • UL Listed
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