Eclipse Drain

Eclipse Drain

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Rely on One Drain To Do It All.

  • Removes large debris and leaves with Single Source Suction.
  • No ugly drain debris build up.
  • Meets all industry anti-entrapment safety regulations.
  • Blends into any pool surface making it virtually invisible
  • Single Source Suction
  • Compatible with 2” (5 cm ) or 2 1/2” 9 (6.3 cm) plumbing
  • Optional Hydrostatic Valve for high water tables
  • Great for spas and catch basins

Witness A Disappearing Act.

  • Sleek circular design, providing maximum flow and efficient debris removal.
  • Sits flush against the pool bottom, so nothing can get caught.
  • Fits in any pool or spa shape and style.
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