Prologic & AquaPlus

Prologic & AquaPlus

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This portable display/keypad with rechargeable batteries allows the home- owner to control and program ProLogic or AquaPlus from anywhere around the pool area or inside the house. It operates for distances up to 500 ft. and up to 200 ft. through walls. Designed for indoor or outdoor use but must be protected from+G22 direct rain contact.


  • Use with ProLogic P-4, PS-4/8/16 or AquaPlus
  • Order model to match system type
  • Wireless Antenna AQL2-BASE-RF required


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Available in White, some models in Black
  • Manual operation of all equipment
  • LED indicators indicate on/off status of all equipment
  • Complete programming of automatic functions
  • System Off button turns all equipment off with a single button press
  • Plug-in transformer for battery charging included
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